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Small location, little parking lot, however the food is yummyI enjoy this gudeg, also. Not too tender. I purchased gudeg in will, and it taste just a bit more candy than new gudeg from the restaurant. Rp.30.000/may for Original Gudeg.

The gudeg is great and very Major part

Nice location with genuine gudeg recipe.

Good flavor and not too pricey. The gudeg was particularly terrific. Place was clean, the air purifier really worked (it might get around 35C at noon), and also the restroom was serviceable. Plus they have canned gudeg, allegedly the first of its type. Taste took a little hint but defeats attracting the kendi around.

My Favourite food

The location is great. The food preference is quite delicious.

Nice gudeg mealsThe location is great. It is quite costly. And I must state that yu djum is much more tastier than that.Different design with all others (competitions ) but the flavor of”areh” is unique and Decent reason to provide us another encounter to loving GudegCozy location, fantastic flavor of gudeg and fried fermented soy bean (tempe) for your cost is cheap.

Nice Location, yummy food. Mushola needs advancement for serving big manhood.

It’s rather different than any gudeg I have ever attempted. It is contaminated with quite extreme candy. I do not really like it. Too sweet for me personallyNot like my expectations.

One of the earliest gudeg location in Jogja. The part is very generous and there are a few distinctive prepared to consume canned gudeg.

Veryh fine plce need to with household. Veryh fine plce have to with household must go three fresh plca in city Veryh fine plce need to with household. Veryh fine plce and you will need need to with household must go three fresh plca in towndThat the very best gudeg I have ever needed. . Reasonable cost also. . I enjoy the’vintage javanese’ atmoshere using a wall decoration of a conventional marketplace and an old woman that is presumed to be bu Tjitro… and you’ll be able to choose to sit”lesehan” also. . I purchased a few canned gudeg for families and friends… will definitely go to this place . . Can not wait…I never adore gudeg till I met this one. Very tasty and very affordable. Attempt another menu with gudeg and you won’t regret it.

I enjoy the Gudeg along with another foods, but I think the Gudeg Should be sweeter. Additionally, I am very disappointed that the toilet door is fuzzy but still a little clear so that you can see what is inside.

The gudeg isn’t quite as sweet as the others whom I have tried previously. Much like Yu Djum. But thats the powerful purpose. My preference just. The portion is rather large with chopped egg, krecek, etc.. The ayam taliwang is indeed though. For drinks, you need to try out rosela tea. It is delicious.

They maintained themselves as the very first canned gudeg manufacturer in Indonesia. You may discover nice Javanese atmosphere in this area. Huge pictures of Bu Tjitro could be understood in their floor. Gudeg kendil (gudeg from terracotta vase) may be kept for next 48 hours, even whilst gudeg in besek (boxes created of dried coconut leaves) having briefer preservation period, up to 6 hours. So the best choice to bring gudeg as your excursion’s souvenir is canned gudeg, which can be obviously maintained using conventional practices.

Place is really comfortable but improvements need to be made.

Very Wonderful flavor of Gudeg Jogja. The gudeg isn’t overly sweet, not too salty, but only enough. The egg is indeed abundant and disperse in the moutharea. The chicken is yummy. Cost lil bit higher, but it is fine for this particular restaurant.

Have you get the”gudeg cans” its flavor great and amazingly alot gudeg on that headphones recommended, and will have purchase it as a present when goes to jogja again

The atmosphere is comfy, you will find place which called lesehan.
The many distinct foods are offered together with the gudeg.
Parking is not difficult to get.
Gudeng kaleng with final 1 year can be obtained.