Things to do in Indonesia

Deciding to See Indonesia

The temperatures in Indonesia vary little during the year. Unless at the mountainous areas, the weather in Indonesia it’s always alluring, sometimes unbearably so. Still, the climate fluctuations happen to be such that the rainy season, which generally begins in October, has been pushed forward. Deciding when to go to Indonesia is therefore rather simple: anytime is good to go, but costs are substantially cheaper during the low season (which equates to the rainy season).

Easy: if!

Individuals who see Indonesia generally travel there by airplane. People who hold a valid passport from among those European Union countries in addition to the United States generally obtain a 30 days visa that may be easily renewed. Upon entering Indonesia people are also normally required to demonstrate evidence of onward journey — like a plane ticket which demonstrates they’re departing the nation. In addition, I advise to buy travel insurance prior to traveling.

The Indonesian currency is that the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The market rate is normally very convenient, meaning that individuals who see Indonesia generally find it more than cheap.


Regardless of what the press may say, individuals who see Indonesia find it to be a secure state. I encountered no issues at all as a western woman traveler, and I must state that, aside from finding crossing the road very challenging because of the dreadful traffic, I didn’t perceive any threat.

The worst that may happen is finding some quite persistent vendors or cab drivers. In cases like this, among the suggested items to do in Indonesia is stating a simple no or simply ignore. I utilized minimal precaution in crowded areas, just as I would do anywhere else on the planet.


The most frequent way of transport in Indonesia is your bus. The quality varies based on the cost paid — more costly buses are extremely comfy, with fully reclining seats and ac.

Taxis are easily available, in addition to bicycle flights. They are rather convenient, but it’s very important to negotiate the fare (like nearly everything, haggling is among those things to do in Indonesia) before leaping on, since the trend is that of charging travelers a great deal more than they need to be. Traffic in towns is so congested that sometimes I discovered walking could really be quicker, anyways.

Among those things to do in Indonesia is ingesting. The food is diverse and usually quite tasty (not to mention quite spicy!) . Chicken satay (skewers of poultry meat grilled and followed with peanut sauce) is yummy.

Only eat!

1 thing which surprised me somewhat during my very first meal is that just spoon and fork are utilized to consume — knives are just used when ingesting western food. Indonesians will normally hold the fork with the left hand and then use their right hand to hold the spoonwith which they chop the (really soft) beef then scoop that with a few rice.

As a state where the vast majority of individuals are Muslim (however ( quite liberal), Indonesian barely drink alcohol through their foods. The most well-known local beer is Bintang, that can be very flavorful.

With its handy exchange rates along with the extraordinary markets filled with beautiful crafts and fabrics, Indonesia is a shopping heaven. Markets are among the top places to see in Indonesia — they’re so filled with colours and aromas, packed with interesting looking people, and also a fantastic way to observe a little bit of local actions also. And of course, shopping is just one of those things to do in Indonesia. Do not forget to haggle!


Some public toilets take a small fee to be utilized. Toilet paper is usually accessible but it’s very good practice to take some. Toilets are usually clean, although frequently flooded as it’s normal to get what to me looked like little bathrooms with a bucket that’s used to flush the toilet. In the touristy areas the squat toilets are extremely common.

Indonesia is a massive country and it might require a couple of months to research it correctly. There are various places to see in Indonesia, but a few are just unmissable. Below are a few of Indonesia tourist attractions which can not be overlooked.

Visit Bandung and its environment

The fourth largest city of Indonesia, also funding of West Java, Bandung was considered the Paris of Java. On the other hand, the uncontrolled growth has turned into into a chaotic web of little streets and large suburbs. However, I find that seeing is just one of those things to do in Indonesia. Bandung actually is a fantastic starting point for seeing a number of Indonesia tourist attractions, also it’s a restaurant scene which shouldn’t be discounted.

Here are the top places to Remain at Bandung:

Among those unmissable things to do in Indonesia is seeing the several volcanoes and craters which are scattered round the nation. At roughly 30 km north of Bandung, Tangkuban Perahu is the massive crater of an active volcano which last erupted in 1969. It’s still possible to see smoke coming from it (and also to smell the normal sulphur gases). Called the”upside down perahu (boat)”, its shape is a result of the simple fact that its walls collapsed beneath the weight of their ash.

Tangkuban Perahu is among those areas to See in Indonesia

Even though the first portion of the crater lineup is invaded by sellers and their stalls, it’s possible to walk round the whole crater (the walk lasts approximately two hours) and also to find fabulous views of it. In reality, it’s so impressive I find it to be among those areas to see in Indonesia.

South of Bandung there’s Kawah Putih, among those areas to See in Indonesia. This is a gorgeous crater, situated at approximately 2300 meters above sea level. Even though the crater is bigger compared to that of Tangkuban Perahu, in this instance there’s a stunning green lake inside, and the landscape is a little surreal yet very lovely.

The stunning Kawah Putih is among those areas to See in Indonesia

Among those things to do in Indonesia is studying about its own diversity. A fantastic means to do this is by undergoing the Saung Angklung Udjo series in Bandung. Largely geared for tourists, this series is really a great deal of fun to see and also to get involved in. The manager, Mr Udjo, has made it a point in educating the kids and teens who attend the school that the value of protecting their cultural heritage, whatever is, and also to constantly be proud of it and also to honor each other.

The pupils get involved in the series, and turn it into a fantastic experience. The first part is devoted to showcasing the different traditional dances, costumes and cultures of Indonesia (at a series filled with colour and rhythm). The next part is much more interactive: members of the public are given an angklung, and it will be a bamboo instruments which, shaken, generates varying noises. The manager of this faculty subsequently directs the populace into enjoying it, and the last outcome is the orchestra. I found it rather interesting, and for certain I would state that Saung Angklung Udjo college is just one of those areas to see in Indonesia.

Discover the Fantastic restaurant spectacle of Bandung

I’m not exactly what people will call a foodie, however there’s not any doubt that among those things to do in Indonesia is attempting its intriguing food. The environment of Bandung are packaged with fantastic restaurants. The amazing places and preferences as well as the wonderful food make the experience a general great one.

One of my favourite restaurants in the region there’s Dusun Bambu, that can be situated on stunning mountains and is still a favorite among sailors that audience it not just for the tasty food but also for the entertainment park on the earth — it’s in and of itself among Indonesia tourist attractions along with also a fantastic spot to spot some neighborhood life.

Another fantastic restaurant is The Peak — the most ideal place for a unique night with its fine diningroom, excellent live music, excellent views and enormous selection of wines.

Ultimately, Kampung Daun is only outstanding: surrounded with a luscious jungle and bamboo woods, you will find little huts that serve as ingesting platforms, each fully surrounded by nature. The total impression is that of a extremely comfortable place, and the food is yummy.

One of the greatest things to do in Indonesia, seeing Borobudur (a brief distance out of Magelang) deserves a special mention. This is the planet’s largest Buddhist monument, constructed in the 9th century and situated in a stunning setting of mountains covered in rice fields and palm trees swept from the end. It’s little wonder that this stunning monument is thought of as among the most astonishing Indonesia tourist attractions and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A first taste of Borobudur can really be appreciated from the unbelievable Amanjiwo, a lavish resort in the Menoreh Hills close Magelang that provides excellent views of the temple which also has an excellent restaurant. For as pricey as it might be, if having some cash to spare, eating or even spending a couple of nights at Amanjiwo is among those things to do in Indonesia.

Seeing the sunrise out of Borobudur is one of those things to do in Indonesia

As nice as viewing Borobudur from afar is, I think that one of the most astounding things to do in Indonesia is really admiring the sunrise out of Borobudur. This means that a very early wake up call for into the website when it’s still dark, then awaiting the sun finally rises. For as exhausting as it might be, the unbelievable view is well worth every effort. Doing a sunrise trip of Borobudur is just one of the greatest things to do in Indonesia.

These would be the best excursions of Borobudur:

And these really are the top places to Remain at Magelang:

At about 25 km north of Yogyakarta, Kaliurang is a favorite weekend destination and among the most agreeable places to see in Indonesia thanks to its beautiful climate. Really it’s found at 900 meters above sea level and the temperatures are much warmer than at the neighboring Yogyakarta.

Back in Kaliurang, the Ullen Sentalu Museum is a nice surprise and deserves to be noted one of Indonesia tourist attractions. The memorial is a party of Javanese culture and its own intriguing display is largely focussed on the very influential and famous ladies of Java and specifically about the wives of sultans.

Regarded as the spirit of Indonesia and its own cultural and artistic center, Yogyakarta is the most fascinating town in the nation and therefore seeing is one of those greatest things to do in Indonesia. This vibrant, enjoyable city is a fantastic combination of contemporary life — envision traffic jams, scooters zipping around, marketing boards, quick food chains and posh restaurants — and expressions of ancient civilizations like the creation of batik, exceptional rituals and classic music. And of course, Yogyakarta is also a fantastic starting point to see a good deal of different areas in Indonesia, like the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur.

However, what I loved the most about Yogyakarta would be the fantastic positive vibes it sends to its customers: folks are friendly beyond creativity, the town is still welcoming, the selection of things to do in Yogyakarta incredible. It’s not surprising that individuals who see Indonesia — myself included — wind up falling in love with Yogyakarta.

These are a Few of the best excursions in and out of Yogyakarta:

And these would be the top places to Remain at Yogyakarta:

Discover Yogykarta culture and history

Among those things to do in Indonesia is discovering its intriguing history. Yogyakarta is just one of those areas to see in Indonesia only for this use. Doing a excursion of Yogyakarta is among the nicest things to do in Indonesia. These historical complexes are still an oasis of serenity from the turmoil of town, using their tiny alleys to roam round, artists parlours, mosques, markets and schools.

Seeing the Royal Palace chemicals is one of those things to do in Yogyakarta

The innermost parts were constructed between 1755 and 1756 along with also the present sultan of Yogyakarta still resides there. Besides the superbly furnished buildings and fantastic displays on the lifestyles of their sultans, here it’s possible to see some of their most ancient customs of Java.

Attendants pass onto their livelihood to their sons. They wear the traditional javanese costumes and also look after the palace. Another one of those things to do in Indonesia which may be appreciated in Yogyakarta is attending a gamelan (traditional tool ) concert in the Royal Palace.

Appreciating the lovely street artwork of Yogyakarta: among those things to do in Indonesia

The Taman SariWater Palace, is a gorgeous park with palaces, canals and pools which was used by the sultans, his brothers and his dad to amuse themselves. It’s a nice place to walk round and consequently paying a trip is among those things to do in Indonesia.

Among those things to do in Indonesia is participate in workshops to find out its own traditional crafts. Kota Gede is a district of Yogyakarta that is renowned for its silver mills. I had the chance to see and watch the art and procedure in creating silver jewelry. But, I completely appreciateD how hard a job that’s when I had been given all of the essential gear and encouraged to decorate a brooch myself. I was quite impossible at this — nonetheless, I must state that one of the matters to do in Yogyakarta this one has been lots of fun.

Possessing an attempt at local crafts: among those things to do in Indonesia

Among those things to do in Indonesia is buying batik. There is not any greater location than Yogyakarta to do this: it’s shopping heaven! However, another of those things to do in Indonesia is really learning how to earn batik: there are plenty of workshops in which it’s possible to discover the batik making procedure and where individual educators will attempt to pass on a few of their incredible abilities to their customers. I gave it a try , but holding this wax pencil and drawing a sheet of cloth was no simple job (although a great deal of fun!) .

Talking of shopping, among those things to do in Yogyakarta is about on a stroll across Jl Malioboro, a shopping street packed with souvenir shops in addition to clothing shops, although the very fascinating issue is in fact celebrating the very busy regional life and befriending the beautiful locals who happily pose for photos.

As I have already mentioned, Yogyakarta is an ideal starting point to research a few of the archeological websites and temples nearby. Among those things to do in Indonesia is seeing the numerous unique archeological sites. Kraton Ratu Boko isn’t much from Yogyakarta. It’s split up into a variety of amounts or terraces and whose precise functions continue to be unsure. Walking around there’s quite pleasant, regardless of the heat!

Seeing Kraton Ratu Boko is among those things to do in Indonesia

Prambanan — a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991 — is a fascinating website, and of course that the biggest Hindu temple in Java, also seeing is just one of those things to do in Indonesia. The general website is very spread out at a gorgeous park where it’s nice to go for a stroll. Nevertheless the key draws are the eight fundamental buildings. The ideal time to perform a excursion of Prambanan is correct before sunset, once the light makes the woods shine.

Seeing Prambanan — among those things to do in Indonesia

The best sunset views can really be captured somewhat away from the fundamental arrangement.

Admire Prambanan at nighttime

This wonderful view can be appreciated at its finest from the local restaurant that, though largely aimed toward tourists, has really yummy food.

Gazing over Prambanan temples during night: among those things to do in Indonesia — picture courtesy of Juan Jerez

One of the fascinating things to do in Indonesia there’s visiting the Ramayana Ballet Show and there’s not any better place to get it done than Yogyakarta. This occurs within an open air theater right alongside the Prambanan temple and its own lasts about two hours. The speed of this series is rather slow, however, the choreography and the particular effects incredible. My very best advice is to really read the Ramayana story prior to attending the series, so to acquire a better knowledge of the improvements and also to appreciate the series completely.

Considered among those bucket record destinations of Java, Mount Bromo definitely is among those areas to see in Indonesia. Section of this Bromo Tengger National Park, this magnificent volcano might not be the greatest one compared to other people nearby, yet it’s by far the most striking one.

These would be the best excursions of Mount Bromo:

Seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo is among those things to do in Indonesia

But for as magnificent as it is, Mount Bromo is severely mismanaged and receives a lot more tourists than it could adapt, so often turning the adventure of seeing in an unpleasant one — that is exactly what occurred to me personally.

My recommendation would be to plan to see Mount Bromo weekly to get around the masses of tourists who go through the weekend. It’s also important to select a fantastic tour operator and direct that operate in an accountable way that’s respectful to the environment, both the people and the critters like the horses which operate on the website.

After viewing the sun rise over Mount Bromo, among the greatest things to do in Indonesia is trekking all of the way into the crater. So as to do so, it is crucial to push through the ocean of sand and walk up for another hour or so. Longer hikes may also be coordinated. Yet more, allow me to highlight the value of not driving the horses into the crater, and also to just employ accountable tour operators to get guided excursions.

These would be the most amazing places to see in Indonesia, and they’re just unmissable. I have to acknowledge the Komodo Islands were really the highlight of my trip, I believed I had found paradise on earth and I would have happily spent a little more time . When compared with the rest of the nation, these islands felt far more silent. There aren’t any people living there, and this also usually means that the traffic isn’t anywhere near as poor as in the rest of the nation; and also the pollution levels are considerably lower.

These are a Few of the best excursions of Komodo Islands:

There are a few superb lodging options in Labuan Bajo. These are a Few of the top places to stay:

La Prima Hotel Flores includes a private beach, a stunning pool and magnificent views of the bay.

Seeing the Komodo Islands might be among the Best things to do in Indonesia

Among the greatest things to do in Indonesia is meeting with the locals. Flores is the best place to get to know the culture of a few of many cultural groups that reside in Indonesia. In Melo village it’s likely to encounter a Caci traditional dance performance. However, even just a brief walk around the village enables people to meet the friendly neighborhood community: everyone is intriguing in sharing a little their everyday life and interested in the people.


I’ve often said I am not a major fan of voluntourism. However, in the event the company that uses volunteers is a legitimate one, and the job is beneficial to the regional communities, then I am all in favor of it. I’ve discovered that volunteering is just one of those things to do in Indonesia, also linking the application of Taman Bacaan Pelangi, a company which has established libraries and reading workshops at the Eastern part of Indonesia, such as the Komodo Islands, is a highly recommended one. I spent a couple of hours in Taman Bacaan Pelangi, and I hold great memories of this adventure.

I Suggest volunteering as among those things to do in Indonesia

Among the greatest things to do in Indonesia is appreciating its excellent wildlife and character. The Komodo Islands are one of the places to see in Indonesia only because of this. There reside the Komodo dragons, colossal lizard-like creatures which will be provided 3 feet and weight well over 100 kilograms. They are typically seen on the Komodo National Park, and it is a significantly shielded UNESCO website, and as they’re really quite dangerous and famous for having assaulted people before, the playground can only be researched with a ranger.

Admiring wildlife at the Komodo Islands is among the Best things to do in Indosia

Among the greatest things to do in Indonesia is trekking around Komodo National Park. There are many paths, but whichever path one chooses, the business of a ranger is necessary. The difficulty and duration of the trekking paths change, but the views across the bays, the surrounding mountains and the ocean beneath are always spectacular.

Obtaining a stunning view from the Komodo Islands is among the nicest things to do in Indonesia

I understand what lovely sea and stunning beaches should look like and will barely find anything that’s up for my very significant standards. I must say, Indonesia didn’t fail to amaze me in such a feeling also it’s for a fantastic reason that among the very recommended things to do in Indonesia is visiting Pink Beach. This is a stunning, secluded shore in the Komodo Islands in which the sand really is pink and the atmosphere fantastic: barely any people around, since it could only be reached by ship.

There’s not any doubt that among those items to do in Indonesia is diving and also, for the most adventuresome ones, diving. These waters that are clear and the unbelievable variety of marine life make it an superb country for the two sports, and sure enough I appreciated it!