Gudeg Bu Tjitro 1925 Reviews

The first flavor, representing the motto of Jogja as a Gudeg town, cheap rates. Recomended to everybody who wish to understand the mythical meals from Indonesia. Here really is actually the Indonesia Local food has to strive.

Bu Tjitro restaurant started because 1925 and famous using Gudeg menu. Apart from Gudeg, they’ve manu options of foods like grilled chicken, fried chicken, variety of veggies and also stalls. 

Authentic Gudeg at Yogyakarta

We handed the restaurant on the way back from Gembira Loka Zoo into our resort, we decided to give it a go. It was be great. We purchased Gudeg, and the flavor was really amazing because it wasn’t too sweet unlike many gudeg offered in Yogyakarta. The food presentation is quite good also.

Great meals, but Bad beverage

It is wonderful to have an opportunity to taste a traditional food in the restaurant based in 1925. My spouse and I purchased two parts of Gudeg using 1 carrot papaya leaves. All meals were yummy and great.

However,… Both of our beverages (Lime Squash and Orange Juice) were bad. They tasted such as”just” tap water. It appeared they used a little chunk of orange or lime with a massive part of tap water. Too bad. . . I expect they can boost their drinks shortly. I gave them comments however.

In conclusion, it’s suggested. . !!

Gudeg Bu Tjitro offer gudeg’s enthusiast with dry gudeg, neighborhood Yogyakarta cuisine. As a non Javanese, for me personally the gudeg taste yummy since it is not overly sweet. I also purchased a dozen gudeg from the can to take home to Melbourne so I can enjoy it if I feel like.

Fantastic support. .

This is the very first timeI see gudeg bu tjitro following my motorist recommending this location. They’ve a new version: gudeg can, so you can make this gudeg for a Present

Ample Part of deliciousness!

Jogja is house of gudeg and you will find lots places serving gudeg of various types. This one is served at a wonderful restaurant (maybe not warung such as those in Wijilan). The krecek here remains soggy and served with all the sauce on request, rather than dry one functioned in Yu Djum. The chicken is served with its own curry sauce poured along with the chicken along with the gudeg. The chili sauce hastens the tastes even more. The part served is generous (at least me). Cost is adequate. The restaurant serves additional meals also, in the event your business isn’t in the mood for gudeg.

It’s a must try when you are in Jogja.

We arrived back to get more before we left for home. .

We discovered this location from tripadvisor on the previous minute. The place is shutting at 9.30PM and we arrived in at 9.25PM. Contrary to the restaurants at Jakarta, they served us. The majority of the restaurants in Jakarta that I’ve been around, they’d somehow hurry us to have everything done fast as it’s their final time.


When I attempted to have a photo of my wife daughter, the host came to me and offered me his aid. I was quite delighted with him. Unfortunately we did not get to know his own title. He served us in the purchase til the ending. . This restaurant must provide him some credits because of his job.

All three people purchased Gudeg, they were yummy!! It was a superb late night dinner for us and we loved every second of it without even being bothered to leave the location ASAP.

Three days after, before we left home, we arrived back to get more. They have been amazing!! I’d certainly return again when I see Jogja someday.

Gudeg on will

When we heading to Prambanan temple, then we all opt to stop at warung gudeg bi tjitro to shoot some nasi gudeg for supper. We also purchased gudeg on will, it is fine for remove. Fantastic flavor, reasonable cost only for 20K

Just a Normal Gudeg

I have hunted many famous”Gudeg” restaurants on net and discovered”Gudeg Bu Tjitro” is your closest”Gudeg” restaurant in the airport. I believe that the location of the restaurant is quite tactical because it’s right before the airport.

I purchase a single part of Complete Nasi Gudeg using Ayam Suwir plus a glass of hot tea. Overall, I think this”gudeg” is only a typical gudeg.


Traditional Jogja meals

Very traditional Jogja meals, but not suggested for those that dont like candies, since gudeg is extremely sweeeetttt food, from jack fruit combination with chieken, lettuce, egg, cooked with conventional lobby. Fantastic flavor for me and I enjoy it!

The need to prepare Additional

There are two sort of gudeg; wet and dry. This restaurant function the one. This was the most flavorful dry gudeg I attempted (because I’m not so frequently eating gudeg). But when I had lunch in this restaurant it was just 2 pm but they run from chicken thigh stew and just left me with poultry egg rather to consume with my gudeg. Why not they prepare additional? Or the restaurant has been already closed before supper. Beats me!


Very conventional meals, but not imply who dislike candies, since gudeg is candy, it ade from jack fruit which cookedd with particular reception

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Bitcoin agents in Indonesia have become entangled with regulators after new funding requirements which were introduced last October. The rules oblige agents to get at least $70 million to start futures trading.